Bann Disc

The Bann Disc is the journal of the Coleraine Historical Society.

To date (2018), twenty four volumes of the Bann Disc have appeared in print.

The following are still available:

Volume 2Volume 3 available at £5 per copy.

Volume 10Volume 11Volume 12Volume 14Volume 15Volume 16 – available at £5 per copy.

Volume 17Volume 18Volume 19Volume 20 – Volume 21Volume 22 – available at £7.50 per copy.

Volume 23 – Volume 24 – available at £9.95 per copy.

An INDEX is now available online.


To order:

To order a volume, click on volume number then on the next page select the correct postage and the ADD TO CART button which will give the means to pay. If you are on our Mailing List and have received your copy and wish to pay by PayPal then just proceed as if you were ordering a copy. (We will know that you have received your copy).

The following are no longer available:

Volume 1Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6Volume 7Volume 8Volume 9Volume 13