Bann Disc

The Bann Disc is the journal of the Coleraine Historical Society.

To date (2018), twenty four volumes of the Bann Disc have appeared in print.

Bann Disc Launch 6 November 2018

Tommy McDonald, Claire Sugden, Mike Jones

The launch of volume 24, 2018 took place in the Sandel Centre on Tuesday 6 November  2018 and the guest speaker was Claire Sugden MLA. The event was overshadowed by the sudden death of our Chairman Robert Anderson 2 days previously.

Robert’s son and daughter attended and spoke briefly on their father and the Society. Tommy McDonald gave a tribute which was followed by one minute’s silence.

Claire paid tribute to Robert and congratulated the Society on the production of Bann Disc vol 24.



Bann Disc Launch 10 October 2017

The launch of volume 23, 2017 took place in the Sandel Centre on Tuesday 10 October 2017 and was attended by over 50 members and guests. The guest speaker was Mr. Maurice Bradley, local MLA., who congratulated the Society on producing such an excellent publication over many years.


Guest speaker Maurice Bradley

On this evening Jennifer Cunningham gave up her post as editor of the Bann Disc. She had edited it for many years and the Society gave her gifts in appreciation of her work.

J & R at launch

Jennifer receiving presentation from Chairman Robert Anderson

J thanks at launch

Jennifer giving her thank you speech

Audience at launch

Members and guests at the Bann Disc launch

Coverage by Coleraine Chronicle – (highlight to enlarge photo)

Bann Disc 23 (2)launch Bann Disc 23 (1)launch

Bann Disc Launch 12 October 2016

Over 40 members and visitors attended the launch in Coleraine Library. The Deputy Mayor Mr James McCorkell spoke of how impressed he was with the Society and the 22nd edition of the Bann Disc. Tea, coffee and biscuits were served.

bd-launch-2016-1Andrew Kane, Barbara Harding, Jennifer Cunningham and James McCorkell bann-disc-launch-2016-2Stanley Bate, Maurice Platt, Bobbie Baxter


15 January 2019 – Jeremy Lewis on the Riverside Theatre

Jeremy, who had been house manager of the theatre, gave a most interesting and entertaining account of its history.

An enthusiastic member of the Steering Group formed (1972 -76) to found the theatre was the vice-chancellor’s wife – Mrs Burgess.

Peter Morrow was the architect of the “new style” building which could seat 400 people. The auditorium had a flexible design. and there were good back stage facilities with state of the art air conditioning. The cost was £381,000.

The theatre was officialy opened in 1976 by H.M.Queen, however, the first planned production, “Dial M for Murder”, fell through and was replaced by a production of political sketches by 784 Company from Scotland.  Three full time staff and 150 volunteers help to keep the theatre going. The Archive contains publicity material and contracts for everyone who performed.


Speaker Jeremy Lewis and Chairman Geoff Warke


Chairman Geoff Warke, Speaker Jeremy Lewis and Mike Jones

Bann Disc Launch 2015

bd launch 2015Volume 21 was launched in Coleraine Library on 14  October 2015. Chairman Barbara Harding introduced the Mayor, Michelle Knight-McQuillan, who congratulated the Society on its thriving for 31 years and the production of an excellent volume 21 of the Bann Disc. Over 40 members and guests enjoyed tea, coffee and biscuits after the launch.

Back row L to R: Jean Clayton, Robert Anderson, Chris Kirkpatrick, Tommy McDonald, Jo Carter.  Front row: Barbara Harding, Diana Kirkpatrick, The Mayor, Jennifer Cunningham, Frances Wilson.



Bann Disc Launch 2014

The 2014 edition was launched on Wednesday 15 October 2014 in Coleraine Library at 7pm. Our guest of honour was the Mayor. Mr.George Duddy. He congratulated the Society on reaching 20 volumes of the journal and wished us future success. The event was well attended and tea, coffee and biscuits were served.

Bann Disc Index vols 1 – 20, 1994 – 2014


A new Subject and Author index is now available on the web site. To access it move down this  page until you come to “An index is now available” and click on this. Printed copies are available.


Bann Disc Launch – 9 October 2013

The mayor Mr David Harding launched this year’s Bann Disc in Coleraine Library. He gave a most interesting talk and praised the content of the journal. This was followed by tea, coffee and biscuits and the sale of the journal.

Bann Disc 18 Launched October 2012

Bann Disc 18 Launch October 2011Bann Disc 18 Launch October 2011This year’s edition, volume 18, was launched in Coleraine Library on Wednesday 10 October 2012 by David McClarty MLA. The Chairperson, Jennifer Cunningham, thanked contributors, helpers and the Library for their efforts. The evening ended with tea, coffee and biscuits which were enjoyed by over 30 guests.





Bann Disc 17 Launched October 2011

Bann Disc 17 Launch October 2011Bann Disc 17 Launch October 2011The 2011 edition (vol 17) of our journal Bann Disc was launched on Thursday 13 October at 7.30pm in Coleraine Library. It was well attended by the Mayor and c 50 guests. Tea and biscuits were served and copies of the new edition were sold.